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Gratitude for 2022

It is hard to believe that we started the journey to develop an app for women with Parkinson's almost one year ago. It has been a baptism of fire and we are excited to announce that the first version of our app will be available from early March.

We wish to thank the many organisations and people who have helped us move forward in 2022.

Day One and the patient centred digital hackathon and the judging panel and consortium who saw our vision. The team at Day One who have provided support throughout 2022 - Lucas Scherdel, Cecil Tardy-Srinivsan and especially Ursula Costa.

Leo South Dublin who awarded us with a feasibility grant to help us do the research for the app.

New Frontiers Phase 1 & 2 and the team at the Synergy Centre TU Dublin - David McDonnell, Rory McNeill but especially Laura Enache. And also the 10 participants on the programme for their comraderie and support during the last 6 months of the Phase 2 programme.

NDRC for their office hours, founders weekend and the pre-accelerator programme and the teams & people behind them especially Liam Cronin and Maeve Lyons.

PA Consulting and especially Bill Hartman and Pavandeep Rai for their advice, support and guidance early in our journey.

Women's Brain Project and especially their CTO, Maria Teresa Ferreti who has championed the needs of women with Parkinson's since the day I first reached out to her in 2021. In fact Maria encouraged me to take part in the Day One hackathon as a patient champion.

Dr Brittany Barreto Femtech Focus Co-founder for her direct and honest feedback and direction.

Threadable our development partners for their thoughful engagement in our development process,

But we especially wish to thank all the people within the Parkinson's community who have supported us in 2022:

Women with Parkinson's - to all the women who took part in our focus groups, workshops, interviews, surveys and prototype development.

Women in Parkinson's research group who are supporting this development as part of a wider remit to enhance the research, treatment and care of women with Parkinson's.

Women's Parkinson's Project co-founders Kat Hill and Sree Sripathy for their support throughout the year.

Movement Disorder Specialists who gave us their time and considered feedback.

Our Champions - our partners and families for putting up with us as we work to see this vision come to fruition.

Thank you to all those who supported us in 2022.

Looking forward to seeing My Moves Matter app launch in Spring 2023 and making a difference to the lives of women with Parkinson's globally.

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