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Hands Up

It all started with a connection
with women with Parkinson's Disease.. 

Our Co-Founder, first noticed her something wrong with her handwriting whilst writing in a clients dietetic record card during a dietetic consultation. She was three months pregnant at the time and found herself with a diagnosis of Young Onset Parkinson's Disease (YOPD) shortly after the birth of her daughter. Shocked and stunned she turned to where she knew she would find answers - others with YOPD and she found this through her local support organisation, the Parkinsons Association of Ireland. She then went to the World Parkinson Congress (WPC) in Kyoto to learn as much as she could and to connect with others with YOPD. It was here that she connected with women with YOPD from around the world and suddenly felt less alone and scared.

Through her connections with other women with YOPD she noticed a pattern - that like herself, many women noticed worsening of their Parkinson's Disease (PD) symptoms around their menstrual cycle and through the menopause transition. She decided to do a survey of women with PD around the world. The results were very interesting showing that women were indeed seeing worsening of their symptoms. Even more concerning was the lack of awareness or advice by neurologists on how to manage PD symptoms around their hormones fluctuations.

Women with PD were not being heard
and as a result not being treated..

Women were suffering in silence as they were tired of trying to convince their neurologists that they were struggling more with their PD due to their hormones. So our founder approached the Cure Parkinson's Trust in the UK and the PMD Alliance in the USA to host webinars about the topic of women with PD and their hormones. The were hundreds of women and it became obvious that there were many women suffering from their individual needs not being met. So our founder and two other women with YOPD decided to co-author a research paper on the unmet needs of women with PD with three expert neurologists.

Our founder was then asked by the Women's Brain Project to take part as a patient champion for women with PD in a DayOne patient centred digital hackathon. She proposed the development of a digital health app to track womens PD symptoms across the menstrual cycle. She could not believe it but her project team won the hackathon and My Moves Matter was born.


Thanks to feasibility funding from South Dublin Local Enterprise Centre

and the Enterprise Ireland New Frontiers programme funding we were able to build the My Moves Matter app.

The My Moves Matter app puts people with Parkinson's in control of understanding their own body and minds reaction to Parkinson's. Helping

people to understand their individual symptoms, what triggers them and what works or does not work for their individual experience.

We Believe Personalised Knowledge is Power Over Parkinson's.

Meet The Team

Clinical & Research Advisory

Dedication. Expertise. Passion.

We are delighted to have advisors from all around the world

Women with PD Advisory

Advocacy. Expertise. Passion.

We are delighted to have women from all around the world

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