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Gain Power Over Parkinson's

When you live with Parkinson's, everything matters...your diet matters, when you take your medication matters. Your exercise, your sleep, your hormonal fluctuations – they all make a difference in how well you can live with Parkinson’s Disease. 


But keeping track of it all is a full-time job, especially when you're trying to hold down a job, look after kids or grandkids while living with a disease that impacts how you move and feel.

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My Moves Matter Digital Self-Care Companion helps you unlock the power of knowing what works for you so you can live your best life with Parkinson's.

My Moves Matter
gives you the power to


Remember your tablets

Take your medications on time & see how they affect you.

See your patterns

Adjust your diet, exercise, sleep & stress levels to improve your symptoms.

Track hormonal impact

Understand impact of your hormones on your symptoms.

Find your tribe

Stop feeling isolated by connecting with other women like you.

Make positive changes

Feel better by adjusting your behaviours.

Gain Knowledge

Learn strategies from Parkinson's therapists to help you feel better.

Share decision making

Share your insights with your neurologist, nurse or therapists so they can optimise your treatment.

Help find answers

Take part in research studies to improve treatment for 

women with PD.

This knowledge is Power over Parkinson’s!

Join the movement to seize that power and support  our campaign for better care for ourselves and our community. 

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“That's fantastic! This app is so very needed!”

Sonia, 35

About Us

It all started with connection with women with Parkinson's Disease.. 

Women with Parkinson's were not being heard and as a result not being treated..

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